Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bad menu translations: funny, fun, or just bad?

I know you aren´t interested in what I had for lunch yesterday. Neither am I. However, you would surely be as intrigued as I was to be offered Creaking Goat Cheese followed by Hake Supreme with Gluttony and Prawns. These were both on offer at one of our favourite lunchtime places which is tucked in by the gas station and the electrical people at Voltasur in Ronda.

In a previous life in San Francisco, I tried to persuade several very good restaurants with extremely bad English translations that their professionalism was tarnished by their often ludicrous English menues. It is fun to giggle over a menu but mostly it is embarrasing. But they didn´t believe me. Or didn´t care. If it is not your language, you cannot imagine how funny "greenness" is where you meant "greens". Or "disturbed" for "scrambled" eggs.

I therefore propose to leave people alone and not try to change their menues. Who cares about a few grammatical errors.

The Creaking goat cheese was Crujiente in Spanish which means crunchy.
The hake was "con gulas" or with tiny little eels.

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