Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Sad iPod Story with a Happy Ending

Knowing it would please me, John secretly bought an iPod for my birthday in October. Fearing I might rummage through his Inbox and find reference to it, he deleted all details of the purchase. (Just for the record, I am not in the habit of spying on other people's mail except under extreme and morally justifiable circumstances)

On a shopping day in Ronda, we bought a rather expensive pair of hiking boots to replace my ancient disintegrating ones. That was my b'day present. And I was extremely happy to be again comfortably shod.

So, he squirreled the iPod away until Christmas Day when he proudly presented me with it. It made my Day! But reality slowly dawned on the assembled company around the roaring fire. Faces fell. Embarrassed smiles were exchanged. The iPod was a dud. A fake iPod. Many suggestions were made upon how to transform it into a real iPod but nothing worked because it didn't know it was an iPod. And it wasn't.

Unfortunately, it was too late to make any claim from the Ebay seller as all records had been deleted and Ebay did not respond to his plea for help.

Just recently, when John received an unexpected windfall, he bought me another to go with the rowing machine (what rowing machine, you ask! coming soon! watch this space for another exciting episode of Life in Cartajima!)

My iPod is wonderful. I love the podcasts from Radio Four. I was singing along with the Beatles as I cooked my Beef and Prunes Tagine last night. Happiness is a genuine iPod.

Here they are, side by side. 
One real. One fake. What a pity. 
Is there a moral in this tale
Or is it just an excuse for a rhyming ditty.

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