Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Walking in the Alto Genal

The walking season in the Alto Genal is off to a fabulous start this week as Los Castaños filled up with people looking forward to a week of "senderismo" as it is called in Spanish. They have been so lucky with the weather. The rains, which I believe the rest of the world reported as "torrential" and "catastrophic", have stopped! Por fin! The sun has been shining since the first guests arrived last Saturday. And the weather is glorious. The scenery sharp and spectacular in the Spring sun ... alliteration uncalculated!

But, the accurately reported rains have left destruction in their wake. Some hotels in Ronda situated by riversides have suffered terrible flooding and loss of business and we feel for them. We are perched high on the mountaintop and were lucky - the river rose but not that high!

Our worst problem has been the rearrangement of the rivers and crossing points as walkers go from village to village. What was formerly a dry river bed and/or a babbling brook, is now a raging torrent.

Some civil engineering was necessary to bridge the gap. John and Andy, aka "the crazy American", augmented the initial efforts of an unknown hiker who used a tree-trunk that the storms had conveniently plopped across the river. They rigged up a most romantic Indiana Jones-type bridge with logs and withies and a rope making a safe but interesting bridge.

We have amended the walking routes that we provide to Los Castanos guests to safely lead them across the river. We haven't lost anybody yet!

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  1. Hi

    I'm planning to walk the E4 from Tarifa to Budapest next year. Aim to raise money for Britain Nepal Medical Trust. As part of this I want to promote the E4 route as much as possible. I guess the GR7 comes pretty close to your Hotel. Do you think Hotels like yours could be interested?

    Details of the walk (so far) are at www.e4longdistancewalk.blogspot.com


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