Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sin semillas! Por fin!

At last, "sin semillas" have arrived in Ronda!

This may seem of little importance to those of you living in California or England where you have had seedless grapes for years. (how do they propagate?)

But, here in Spain, where it is of the utmost importance, they have only recently appeared.

Why important?

Because the luck of the 46 million citizens of Spain depends upon being able to consume twelve grapes, "las uvas de suerte", in twelve seconds at midnight on New Year's Eve to the chimes on the bell in Puerta del Sol in Madrid. If you can't do it, you've had it. Might as well hibernate for a year.

And, up until the recent addition to supermarket shelves, it has been almost impossible except for those with very large mouths and/or an exceptionally weak gag reflex!

Just try eating twelve thick-skinned, large-pipped, outsize grapes in twelve seconds and see how you do!

At Los Castanos, I confess that we cheat on behalf of our New Year's Eve guests. Uncertain whether the distribution of luck applies only to the Spanish, we think it wise to provide our guests with cans containing twelve tiny, peeled, pipped grapes so when the luck is being given out, they stand a good chance of gettting some.

But, when Los Castanos welcomes 2011, our guests will perform the ritual according to tradition thus assuring a great year for all!

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